74: The Hipster Music Digest, episode 10, featuring The Civil Wars

In honor of the recent excitement, we bring up what has been one of our most highly anticipated new artists, The Civil Wars.

There was more than a bit of a scare the past summer, as the duo cancelled a fair amount of tour dates due to “tensions within the band”. All devotees feared tremendously for the future of the¬†young¬†group who have to date released only one full-length studio album (2011’s “Barton Hollow”). Both artists have previous careers, and will no doubt continue to create music long after the Civil Wars have terminated. But we can rest easy, as they announced, (officially on May 1st) that they will be releasing a their second full-length album at an undisclosed date in 2013. “Patience is a virtue!” They told us, and thanked us for waiting. We will hardly know what to do with ourselves, BUT UNTIL THEN, we must sate our musical appetites with the following:

Barton Hollow


Pressing Flowers

To whom it may concern