Our favorite British people

We are, admittedly, anglophiles. Tis no small thing, nay, an all-consuming obsession. The following is our list of favorites.

MadaLin’s favorites

1. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (wife of Prince William, first in line for the throne)

2. Tom Hiddleston (actor)

3. Benedict Cumberbatch (actor)

4. Michelle Dockery (actress)

5. Jane Austen (writer of romance novels)

6. Emma Thompson (actress)

7. Katie McGrath (actress)

8. Helena Bonham Carter (actress)

9. Kate Winslet (actress)

10. Judi Dench (actress)


Nicole’s favorite British people

Queen Victoria (goes without saying, truthfully. She has an entire era named after her. [1840-1900])

1. Steven Moffat (writer and director)

2. Agatha Christie (writer of mystery novels)

3. Alfred Hitchcock (director)

4. Charles Haddon Spurgeon (preacher/writer, possessor of an excellent beard)

5. Shakespeare (if you don’t know who he is there is a strong possibility you live under a rock)

6. Benedict Cumberbatch (actor)

7. The Bronte sisters (authors of “Wuthering Heights”, “Jane Eyre”, among others)

8. Kenneth Branaugh (actor/director)

9. Tom Hiddleston (actor)

10. Emma Thompson (actress)

11. The Beatles (band) [obviously] {no really, duh…}

10. Matt Smith (actor, the 11th Doctor)

12. David Tennant (actor, the 10th Doctor)

13. Judi Dench (actress)

This is, naturally, not a comprehensive list. Perhaps one day we will produce a sequal. So tell us- who are your favorite brits?