Which MBTI type likes certain music genres?

Which MBTI Type...

Please note, this article is a little different from the usual articles. I hope you enjoy, as I have spent a few days trying to put this one together, and finally decided to release it today. Enjoy!

One question I have heard many people ask, whether knowledgeable of MBTI or not, is the effect of personality on music taste. This is a question I not only want to address in relation to MBTI, but also in relation to all musical genres.

Very little research was done on the psychology of music up until the 20th century. However, it wasn’t until the 21st century that many noticeable trends were established. Many research studies have used the Big Five to measure the effects of personality on music preferences. It is firstly important to establish how the Big Five relates to MBTI. The Big Five has five traits that relate very much to…

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2 thoughts on “Which MBTI type likes certain music genres?

  1. tatl33 says:

    Thanks for the reblog! Very interesting articles btw, I just went through a few of them 🙂 and I’ll definitely be checking out some more

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