74: The Hipster Music Digest, episode 11, featuring Alela Diane

Alela Diane, – folk, new-folk, psychedelic-folk, what have you. Soft, waning vocals (just as suited to wordy, mournful, James Taylor-esque tunes as old English ballads), and skillful instrumental work contribute to her unique sound. Unsurprisingly, she currently lives in Portland. She will be releasing her fourth full-length studio album this year.

Age old blue

White as diamonds

Take us back

Matty Groves, with Alina Hardin. This song has an incredibly interesting history; read more here.


74: The Hipster Music Digest, episode 10, featuring The Civil Wars

In honor of the recent excitement, we bring up what has been one of our most highly anticipated new artists, The Civil Wars.

There was more than a bit of a scare the past summer, as the duo cancelled a fair amount of tour dates due to “tensions within the band”. All devotees feared tremendously for the future of the young group who have to date released only one full-length studio album (2011’s “Barton Hollow”). Both artists have previous careers, and will no doubt continue to create music long after the Civil Wars have terminated. But we can rest easy, as they announced, (officially on May 1st) that they will be releasing a their second full-length album at an undisclosed date in 2013. “Patience is a virtue!” They told us, and thanked us for waiting. We will hardly know what to do with ourselves, BUT UNTIL THEN, we must sate our musical appetites with the following:

Barton Hollow


Pressing Flowers

To whom it may concern

Classic lit authors, if they had gone to high school together…

Because we are the kind of people who sit around wondering what this would be like. Because we can.

Victor Hugo: one of those almost-nerdy “I’m running for school president” kids.

Mary Shelley: sophisticated and macabre, listens to Florence and the Machine.

The Bronte sisters: would be those creepy-close family members who turn their pain into art and wear way too much eyeliner.

Lucy Maud Montgomery: was that sweetheart, home-town girl who has a tumblr full of flower and teapot pictures.

Lewis Caroll: He was that (probably carrot-top) kid who is completely obnoxious, but so sweet that everyone wants to be his friend anyway. Too quick-witted for his own good.

Lord Byron: has a reputable political family, but is failing to uphold that upstanding image. You should hear the gossip. Has an unexpected friendship with Mary Shelley, see above.

Edgar Allen Poe: I think it goes without saying that he was that emo creep in the corner of the library. Might be dating his cousin?

Shakespeare: TOTAL hipster man. Overly confident, nearly annoyingly so. Extrovert who can’t possibly stay at home enough to study, but makes amazing grades. Also, that kid with his obnoxious made-up vocabulary.. will NEVER catch on.

Jules Verne: … honestly, I think he’s been an old man his entire life. You are obligated to be endearingly quirky, with a name like Jules.

Jane Austen: brooding, though not melancholy. Amazingly good student, if she likes the subject. Doesn’t really date, but likes to matchmake.

Charles Dickens: Extreme compassion for the underdog. Painfully long-winded not only in conversation, but also reports, essays, etc.


Do you think we made the grade? Any contributions we should add?

74: The Hipster Music Digest, episode 9, featuring Lincoln Durham

We this week present to you a rather obscure artist, but one we think has much potential. Hailing from the south (as his name most certainly bears witness), Lincoln Durham is covering new ground in what we can only dub as country blues alternative inspired newgrass folk…. Yeah, we got nothing. What do you think?


reckoning lament (song begins forty-seven seconds in)

Last Red Dawn

I also recommend “Mud Puddles”. Sadly, I was unable to find a good recording (live or otherwise) on ye olde youtube.

We’d like your opinion- what genre is Lincoln Durham? And we also need a verdict on the bowler hat. We are tempted to think it quite boss, but would enjoy external, unbiased input. Cheers.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

No, it is not a giant space-age computer dedicated to revolutionizing, utilizing, and merchandising mankind. You can chill out, because it’s just a personality test. (unless you are a geek, in which case you will now grow very excited).

Carl Jung present the basic model, and Isabel Myers-Briggs built upon that foundation to give us what has now become the most in-depth, reliable, and popular test in the psychology world to date.

The test measure four facets of the personality, which I will attempt to simplify to the best of my ability:

Introversion (I)  vs. extraversion (E)

An introvert is taxed by social time and draws energy from alone time, extroverts are energized by social interaction.

Abstract thinking (N) vs. Realistic thinking (S)

Abstract thinkers keep their minds focused on deep issues, handle complexity well, and are sometimes accused of keeping their head in the clouds.  Big picture oriented.

Realists are concrete, rather than conceptual. They are very aware of their environments, handle details very meticulously, and are practical.

Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F)

This facet relates to decision-making: Thinkers are accused of being ‘divorced’ from emotions, and make logical objective decisions. Feelers are the opposite force, making empathetic decisions. Thinkers will make judgements, socially, based on a system of merit and value, Feelers on a basis of accident forgiveness and good faith. Thinkers are business-like, typically, and feelers will get distracted by small talk.

Judging (J) vs. perceiving (P)

If you are a structure-loving, decision-making to-do list maker who cannot be swayed from their mission and is annoyed by people who “do not have their act together”, than you are a judger.

If you are laid-back, whimsical, spontaneous, go-with-the-flow, leaves options open,and have difficulty staying on point, then you are a perceiver.

That, simply, is the whole of the matter.

There are sixteen different types. Here at Barton Hollow we have a INFP and an INJT.

If you’d like to take the test yourself,

here is a rather long one,

here is a shorter one, which we like very much.



Our most anticipated films of 2013

“The Great Gatsby” May 10

“Now you see me” May 31

“Star Trek: into darkness” May 17

“Lone Ranger” Jul. 3

“Despicable Me 2” Jul. 3 

“Romeo and Juliet” Jul. 26

“Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2” Sep. 23

“Thor 2” Nov. 8

“Catching Fire, Hunger Games 2” Nov. 22

“The Hobbit: the desolation of Smaug” Dec. 13



74: The Hipster Music Digest, episode 8, featuring the Fleet Foxes

Irridescent. Layers of transcendant musical love, steeped in espresso. Imported from Seattle, may I present the Fleet Foxes.


White Winter hymnal

Battery kynzie


On the last track I bring to your ears, the haze of studio produced affects drops away sufficiently that we may appreciate solid, picturesque vocal and instrumental work. Plus, “Oliver James” is a boss name:

We think of the Fleet Foxes as half-way between Bon Iver and Neil Young. Do you concur?