74: The Hipster Music Digest, episode 5, featuring Mumford & Sons

All hail Mumford and Sons, London based roots-inspired quartet:

“We’re not bashful about being inspired by good writers, good literature… 0bviously, because we named our first album after a line from Shakespeare, ha!…. but I think good writers have ALWAYS been inspired by good writers, so there’s no shame in that. It’s always worked that way, you know… not that we claim to be a good writers.” – Marcus Mumford, lead vocalist/lead guitarist/drummer

“Music IS live, music has ALWAYS been live…playing WITH people, FOR people, it’s the most electrifying experience I’ve ever known.” -Winston Marshall, Banjo & Dobro player, back-up vocals

“Playing live? we could never give it up. It feels hereditary, it’s in our blood somehow, we really love it. We’re a bit odd in that way, loving to tour so well.” – Ben Lovett, keyboards, accordian and back-up vocals

“Our aspirations were really UK based… we really never thought beyond that, never expected it. It happened gradually, but it’s been amazing.” – Ted Dwayne, bass and back-up vocals

The group debuted in 2009 with the “Sigh no more” album, of which this is the title track:

“Awake My Soul” (Nicole’s favorite)

“Thistle and Weeds” (MadaLin’s Favorite)

The following selections are from the much-anticipated second album, 2012’s “Babel”:

“Hopeless Wanderer” (we both love this one!)

* In particular instances, we feel it prudent to include a parental guide: the Mumford and Sons song catalogue includes two certain tunes by the names of “Little Lion Man”, and “Broken Crown” which include swear words. We do not listen to songs of this type, and think it helpful to alert like-minded music lovers of this fact.


One thought on “74: The Hipster Music Digest, episode 5, featuring Mumford & Sons

  1. Yomama says:

    Hmmm…..listened…….hmmmm……I wouldn’t put them on my playlist.

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