The Humanities

This is an excerpt from an essay I was forced commissioned to write in Fine Arts/Humanities class:  

“The “Humanities” is an all-inclusive term used to describe every possible pursuit of art and expression- even in a historical context. Film, music, all genres of literature, photography, painting and drawing, sculpture, wood working, dance, architecture, garment making and embroidery; yarn works such as crocheting, knitting and lace tatting, are just a sampling of the crafts included in this definition. The Humanities as a group are not new: each human is born with the innate necessity of creation and expression of self. Where man is, the humanities follow without fail. We seek not only to define to others aspects of the world as we see it, but improve the world to our liking. The ‘Humanities’ bear the physical manifestation of this truth: They give us entertainment, emotional release, intellectual stimulation, and ultimately, the connection with others that we so deeply crave. It gives us joy to bond over appreciation of an art, whether that comes in the form of debating the symbolism of a sonnet, or smiling with someone over a photograph. If we never had the opportunity to make such connections, we would be miserable creatures indeed. This connection, this understanding, is a bridge that can cover a multitude of dissimilarities between individuals and even their respective cultures. Art is the sole medium by which cross-cultural understanding can be achieved without an interpreter. It is necessary in our view of the world. To see anything beautiful in our own psyche, and that of others, or in the delightful expanse that constitutes the universe, we must employ some manner of art. Science looks at the sky and knits its brow thinking of the atoms, neurons, and gravitational pulls. Shakespeare looks at the sky, and bids the stars to hide their fires. Science thinks of the future, and brings out a calculator. But the humanities, ah. From the smoky fields of Dystopia to silky musings of heaven, considerations of the future has always brought out the best in the humanities. Our posterity has all manner of material goods to gain from science, but their hearts will be made happy by the humanities.”



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