Our favorite slang, a lexicon

Obscurator: noun, a curator of obscure objects.

 Carpe Diem: A Latin phrase meaning, “Seize the day”

Totes!: short for “totally”

Amaze: short for “amazing”

Oodtastic: There is creature on Doctor Who called an Ood. We think they are fantastic. There you go.

MOFFAT: an expression of rage, frustration, and indignation. Fans of the aforementioned Doctor Who will understand.

Hipster: an individual who wears skinny jeans, drinks excessive amounts of coffee and listens to folk music. (i.e. Mumford and Sons and the Fleet Foxes.)

Folkster: A hipster who leans toward folk/country/bluegrass/traditionl influences and/or exhibits an exceptional love for folk music. (see, “Punch Brothers”)

Steampunk an art form that utilizes neo-victorian aesthetics and futuristic technology.

Whovian one who is dedicated to the long running BBC sci-fi feature, “Doctor Who”

Sherlockian one who is dedicated to the BBC adaptation of Arthur Conanl Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes” series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Wholockian/Sherwhovian the individual who finds themselves their loyalties equally divided between the aforementioned Sherlock/Doctor Who. You have our deepest sympathies.

Uber- (pronounced, “OO-ber”).  A pre-fix meaning “super” (Example: “That new Birdy song is uber-hipster! So dang amaze.”)

-esque  (pronounced “esk”). A suffix indicating “inspired by, or like unto”. Example sentence: “The Fleet Foxes’ music features Neil Young-esque guitar work.”

fantabulous a combination of “fantastic” and “fabulous

fangirling squaeling, crying, hyperventilating, and otherwise becoming over-excited by a form of media, such as Sherlock. Or one’s favorite band.

Fangirl one who takes part in such activities.

Poe toaster


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