74: The Hipster Music Digest, episode 3, featuring Ben Taylor

We have this week for your listening pleasure, the bitter-sweet harmony laced folk tunes of Ben Taylor.

As the son of rock idol Carly Simon and the veritable father of singer-songwriter genre James Taylor, many would assume that Ben has the natural touch for song crafting! But we would like you to take a listen for yourself:

“Nothing that I can do” which was released on Ben’s 2006 album of the same name. (This song is my [Nicole] personal favorite! I have listened to it millions of times….)

“Someday Soon”, which boasts an intricate melody and imaginative lyrics

This song, “World’s are made of Paper” is from Ben’s new album, “Listening”, out just last year. It has jazz guitar, guest vocals from his sister Sally and a Beatles reference. What could be better?

So what do you think? Has Ben Taylor hit the genetic jackpot? What other second generation folkies have you enjoyed?


2 thoughts on “74: The Hipster Music Digest, episode 3, featuring Ben Taylor

  1. T. A. Woods says:

    I hadn’t heard of him. This was a fun blog post. I don’t usually find ones that feature music I actually enjoy!

    • bartonhollow says:

      Thanks! I’m glad I could introduce you to some fun music. 🙂 We do music posts once a week, hopefully there’ll be more music you enjoy! Do you have any suggestions for us to feature?

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