Interview on Anna Sewell’s “Black Beauty”, with special guest

We here at Barton Hollow have been given the opportunity to sharpen the literary skill of one of our friends who is in 6th grade; and so today we share the stage with a special guest, Nathan, who enlightens us to his thoughts on Anna Sewell’s masterpiece “Black Beauty”:


Q. (Nicole): In what time was this book set?
A. (Nathan): The book black beauty is set in England, during the Victorian era.
Q. Who is the main character?
A. The main character in this book is Black Beauty, a powerful stallion.
Q. How do we find out that he is a horse?
A. We find out he is a horse when he says,”My mother was a powerful horse, often used by the master”
Q. describe his personality to me.
A. His personality is a young bright spirit, with energy to spare!
Q.What sort of families does he find himself with?
A. He finds himself with good, bad, and cruel families! But good for the most part.
Q. What time of his life does he remember with the greatest fondness? Why?
A. He remembers his time in Birtwick Park the fondest, because all of his good friends lived there at this time.
Q. What time of his life did he least enjoy? Why?
A. He enjoyed his time at the Flour Factory least. Because it was at this time he was treated  so badly, that he fainted in the middle of the road.
Q. What was his attitude towards those who didn’t treat him well?
A. He did not develop a bad attitude towards the bad owners, he just did what he was told, and did it to the best of his ability.
Q. What do you think this book tells us about the author’s beliefs on animals? How does she think they should be treated? Does she love animals?
A. I believe that Anna Sewell was an animal lover, and respected animals greatly. I also believe that she thought that animals should be treated fairly, just as you and me.

One thought on “Interview on Anna Sewell’s “Black Beauty”, with special guest

  1. Yomama says:

    Black Beauty is a great read and a great movie:) Enjoyed the interview!

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