Our favorite musicians and songs

Today, for your present them to you in alphabetical order our favorite musicians:



1) Josh Groban

2) The Civil Wars

3) Hillsong

4) Mumford & Sons

5) Kari Jobe

-Favorite songs at this very moment

1) “Falling” by The Civil Wars

2) “Scarborough Fair” by Celtic Woman

3) “Matty Groves” by Alela Diane

4) “New Soul” by Yael Naim

5) The Sleeping Beauty Ballet,  by Tchaikovsky

6) The Alice in Wonderland Ballet, by Joby Talbot


Favorite musicians


2. James Taylor

3. The Civil Wars

4. Lincoln Durham

5. Alela Diane

6. Ben Taylor

7. Mumford and Son

Favorite songs at this very moment

1. “Birds of a Feather”, by The Civil Wars

2. “Come Away to the Water”, by Maroon 5

3. “Place only you can go”, by NEEDTOBREATHE

4. “Age Old Blue”, Alela Diane

5.”Someday Soon”, Ben Taylor

6. “Dust bowl Dance”, by Mumford and Sons

7. “Kansas City”, by the Beatles


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